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Best Free PDF Tools for Windows

Product ScreenshotPDFill PDF Tools -- Download | Review

"Nice and clean user interface covering most functions. Includes merge, split, reorder, rotate, header and footer with page number, watermark, encrypt and decrypt, convert PDF to images or vice versa, convert PostScript to PDF."

Related: See here for related online apps and services.

What's it for? - Some programs in this review are designed to combine merging, splitting and other capabilities in a single application (like PDFill), but some perform a more specific task (see the Specific Tools section in the review).


Best Free PDF Writer for Windows

Product ScreenshotBullzip PDF Printer -- Download | Review

"BullZip in its latest version is a very solid program that has, over time, proven to be a top performer". Requires GhostScript and .NET." Bullzip was chosen for Gizmo's 9 great freeware.

What's it for? - PDF writers act like a pseudo printer on your system. When you want to create a PDF document from pretty much any application you just choose to print it to the PDF printer and it creates a PDF document.


Best Free PDF Reader/Viewer for Windows

Product ScreenshotPDF-XChange Viewer -- Download | Review

"Loads reasonably fast, can print PDFs, allows basic annotation without watermarking, good text clarity, allows you to fill and save Adobe PDF forms, extract text and images, magnify text, and export PDF pages or documents to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG formats."

What's it for? - Third party readers like PDF-XChange help you to replace the slow and bulky Adobe PDF Reader.


Best Free Finance Software for Windows

Product ScreenshotGnuCash -- Download | Review

"Helps you keep tabs of your budget without complicated features commonly used in commercial personal finance applications. If you're looking for a quick education in double entry accounting, look no further than GnuCash.

The program has a reporting and graphing module that generates a full suite of standard and customizable reports. On the downside, it doesn't track stock price movements automatically and doesn't have built-in encryption."

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What's it for? - Eases you into accounting equations (without having to create custom spreadsheets on your own).


Best Free Office Suite for Windows

Product ScreenshotKingsoft -- Download | Review

"Kingsoft Office Suite Free is ideal for those familiar with Microsoft Office 2003 prior to the creation of the 'ribbon' featured in 2007. It will let you feel perfectly at home. To say that it is similar to Microsoft office would be the understatement; they are practically identical."

Related: If you want an online or "cloud" suite, try Zoho (includes helpful collaborative features, support for many document formats, and tabbed document editing)."

What's it for? - Free substitutes for MS Office like this go a long way to meeting the needs of home users, small businesses, and many others.


Related Office Top Picks and Hot Items

  • Best Free World Clock for Windows -- Wim's World Clock -- Download | Review. "A light world clock with a choice of virtually any number of time zones."

  • Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software for Windows -- Legacy Standard -- Download | Review. "Legacy standard is fairly easy to use, flexible, and has plenty of capabilities. The free version supports family, pedigree, and index views. You can easily navigate to younger or older generations simply by clicking on the individuals".

  • Best Free Project Manager for Windows -- Open Workbench -- Download | Review. "Like Microsoft Project, it's best suited to large scale projects that justify the time it takes to learn the product (users with simple needs might want to read the article for less feature-rich project managers). Key features include project planning, scheduling, resource management, project review, and more. "

  • Best Free Word Processor for Windows -- Jarte -- Download | Review. "Jarte deserves the word courageous for its clean fresh looks. Task oriented is in and menus are out. It gives you tabs and a wealth of options in formatting; fonts, paragraphs, page, header and footer. There's an outline function, indenting and outdenting, and a format brush to easily transfer formatting."

  • Best Free Text Editor for Windows -- EditPad Lite -- Download | Review -- "General purpose text editors with more features than the Windows Notepad, such as tabbed interfaces, unlimited undo, and block functions." Chosen for Gizmo's 9 great freeware. Programming editors like Notepad++ are here.

  • Best Free Personal Information Manager for Windows -- Pimero Free Edition -- Download | Review. "It offers the full range of PIM functions -- appointments, events, reminders, tasks, contacts, email, and even webfeeds -- and an attractive, well-organized user interface."

  • Best Free Software Suite for Windows -- LiberKey -- Download | Review. "Liberkey has 311 portable applications and three default suites. Choose a suite you like and then add apps to suit your taste. It automatically updates most of your favorite portable apps, making it a great way to keep them in one place."


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by peter on 12. January 2009 - 11:14  (13713)

Great idea. Hope Editors will inform "Rizar" if their best pick changes.

by Steve Hargreaves on 14. January 2009 - 18:48  (13880)

Great article. The best of everything in one place. We may never need Google again.


by Lew000 on 1. February 2009 - 20:40  (15072)

I love looking here for the best freeware.

by Anonymous on 11. February 2009 - 15:01  (15828)

Thanks men for yours work.

by keeta5114 on 19. February 2009 - 21:35  (16379)
Excellent site, if you have time you can spend hours just searching and learning.
B. Graham


by keeta5114 on 19. February 2009 - 21:41  (16380)
Tired of using Google for everything and this site seems to have just about everything
 you need. I agree, nice to have everything in one 
place and nicely listed for easy searching.
B. Graham


by hadi2f on 24. February 2009 - 17:15  (16741)

I just love Tiny Pad. It has a really stylish look and is very light-weight and easy to use.

by Anonymous on 1. March 2009 - 5:09  (16967)

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME thanks so much for this its so hard to find freeware apps that are this clean and reliable and lets face it these days viruses do quite a bit more than slow your pc down

by Anonymous on 2. March 2009 - 16:58  (17049)

CONGRATULATIONS for creating an extremely informative & useful website. I have recently retired & with my abundance of free time have been spending a fair amount of time getting educated on things that can be done to make computers safer & more productive. I recently became aware of your site while searching for info/reviews on a particular download available on I had the opportunity yesterday to spend several hours exploring your site and to say that I was VERY impressed is an understatement. For me it was & will continue to be an incredible learning experience.

Your team should quite proud of what has been accomplished.

Sincerely, Jerry L.

by Anonymous on 9. March 2009 - 22:50  (17467)

The link leading to the JonDo prog under Editors' Choice List/Anonymous Surfing Service does not work anymore. I found the prog at www dot jondos dot de, though and its great. Thanks for you do.

by Rizar on 10. March 2009 - 0:09  (17469)

Thank you, the link has failed for me before.

It does work sometimes and it's still active; it's just that the website is run by a university and they are not completely dependable:

At the moment, the web servers and infoservices are run by universities and other public infrastructures and are free of charge for the user (even though a lot of extra data traffic is produced). Unfortunately, power supplies or data networks sometimes fail or are switched off for maintenance. We will try to keep you informed in the 'News' column on this website about planned maintenance but in case of an unforeseen failure in the university network, we are powerless (

I like the link you refer to; I'll put it in the article as an alternative.

by Anonymous on 16. March 2009 - 19:36  (17982)

Thanks Jerry.

If you'd like to help us in return, one way to do that would be to link to this site from your own. Alternatively, if you don't have a site, then from a social bookmarking site (or two) will be fine.

Please use the word Freeware as the anchor text, ie the linked text or the title for the link - unless of course you prefer something else. It is also best if you link to one of your favourite pages on the site and not the front page.

Thanks again,


by Anonymous on 25. May 2009 - 16:29  (22299)

excellent info....thanks a lot. plz keep up the best and give us the honest apps..thnx

by redmanul on 29. May 2009 - 22:43  (22607)

I think that Teamviewer is one of the best.
Here is an article about it you won't be sorry

by Anonymous on 31. May 2009 - 1:06  (22691)

Thanks a lot ! This website is so awesome, I don't know what to say, EPIC WIN PEOPLE :D

by Anonymous on 6. June 2009 - 15:51  (23191)

I think Gizmo is the best place I have ever seen
for latest,Best & free softwares with rating.I really
like it !

by PsychEroc on 10. June 2009 - 16:21  (23513)

There should be a direct link to this on our home page.

by Anonymous on 10. June 2009 - 23:28  (23543)

Here is the Gizmo reviewer's comment about Auslogics Defrag:
"Another company investing heavily in product development of late is Auslogics with its Auslogics Disk Defrag offering. The last few releases have seen the team add the ability to defragment single files and folders, schedule operations and update the program's algorithm for improved performance. We're excited by the prospect of what might come next."


Time to move Auslogics Defrag to the head of the class. With v2.0, it now has options for Schedule, Exclusions, variable size Skip Large Fragments, Analyze only, Remove Temp Files Before Defrag, and Turn off computer after defrag. It will analyze and defrag selected disk(s). It also has increased speed and an overhauled interface. It still doesn't have an optimization option, but my negative experiences with that option would preclude my using it anyhow.
In my humble opinion, this is now the best defragger of the lot.

by Anonymous on 30. June 2009 - 5:19  (24511)

Also checkout :)

by Anonymous on 1. August 2009 - 21:46  (26125)

Great site for top freeware. Have found your info reliable and in sink with other reviewers. Thanks!

by Anonymous on 16. August 2009 - 23:29  (27252)

Im trying to come up with something to say. Everybody else took the words out of my mouth. absolutly fantastic site. thanks.

by Arithmomaniac on 17. August 2009 - 5:32  (27275)

I second that.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 15:58  (31087)

Great site.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 1:12  (31196)

The Best!!! This site is not only the best but those involved in running this great site is sincere. To maintain a respectable site like this would definitely involve inner strength, courage and wisdom to balance the need between financial gains for site maintenance etc and yet being truly able to serve the need of the community. Thank You and Bless be.....

by Anonymous on 6. September 2009 - 7:55  (32217)

Thanks very much for a really nice put together site. Easy to navigate with lots of apps I've used before and agree with your review of their quality. Keep up the GREAT WORK!! RLW

by Anonymous on 27. September 2009 - 10:31  (33394)

Excellent site.Thanks for all the hardwork you put in to give us the best.

by Anonymous on 2. October 2009 - 13:11  (33767)

génial : ce site est vraiment très utile ! merci !

by Anonymous on 11. October 2009 - 15:11  (34344)


by Anonymous on 20. October 2009 - 11:59  (35046)

Thannnnnnnnx veeeery much
There is lot of help and good work on all your pages
and they are still easy, fast and pleasing
my warmest regards and wishes
My kisses if you do not mind
Tarig Anter, Khartoum, Sudan.

by MidnightCowboy on 20. October 2009 - 12:31  (35047)

We're pleased that TSA has managed to reach such a beautiful and historical part of the world.

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