Top 10 Free PC Games 2011


2. Treasure Adventure Game Gizmo's Top Pick

One word that came into my mind after I saw the trailer of TAG was... massive. TAG is the fulfillment of 3 long years of development by Robert Studios. It might be more than 7 years since the classic Cave Story was released, but you're about to see the same spell of magic cast upon us when you're playing TAG. The game is stocked with treasures, secrets, puzzles, characters, quests and a whole lot more during this exciting platforming adventure.
The world in TAG is so huge and open, you'll definitely fall in love with the adventure and the exploration of TAG's rich environments. You're a sailor searching for 12 enchanted items with the treasure maps and compass coordinates. The storyline is amazing. It's slow paced at first but steadily builds up when you are exploring the world; talking to characters and performing quests, finding hidden crests on land, underground or underwater. The weather might be rainy with lightning bolts at times and clear during the other, a day-night cycle, where different stores open only at certain points of the day, the same applies to the characters. TAG is pure genius!
The game is so captivating that it will keep you both engaged and intrigued, you may get frustrated at times while finding hidden secrets, you may get lost or wander hopelessly on what to do next, but everything ties together so well, you'll just have to expect the unexpected at times.
Genre: Adventure, Open World, Platformer


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