Top 10 Free PC Games 2011


4. Viriax

Human anatomy and molecular biology were quite boring during my biology classes in freshman year. That lasted only until Locomalito offered his freeware game Viriax. You and I have suffered from the common cold, fever and various other infections. But have you ever wondered what really happens inside our body during all those times of illness?
Wow, you get to experience just that, while playing Viriax! And I just love playing bad guys because here you are a virus attempting to infect your host, a human! You're inside his body trying to infect different body parts across various stages, starting from Heart to Lungs, Intestine, Stomach, Brain and finally N.A.S 
So, there you're, swimming up inside the body collecting coins (RBC's?) or rather "life" to preserve yourself because you lose health after each move; to make a move upwards you need good strategy. Infecting the host isn't easy, as there are various antibodies fighting against you, and you'll need to fight and kill them and scoop up their leavings during your journey inside the organs. There are power-ups and power-downs across the levels. The levels are randomly generated every time and therefore, paves the way for an amazing replay value. By the way the included soundtrack is a treat for the ears!
Genre: Arcade, Medical Terror, Random


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