Top 10 Free PC Games 2011


5. Nous

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if one day after waking up, you discovered that you had no clue about your identity and also no idea about your whereabouts? Could there be anything worse than this? Well don't despair because there is a computer analysis program or "Nous", that will tell you about yourself and come to your rescue.
Nous takes you on a journey into your own mind. In a nutshell, it works on the principle of artificial intelligence. According to your response, Nous shapes the experience, which in turn changes the game world around you. Is it really trying to help you for nothing? Heck, Nous doesn't even know what it is. Through the assistance that it provides you, it tries to fathom its own purpose and identity. Nous in essence is actually a top down, wave based action shooter/art game.
The compelling narrative will guide you throughout the game, as you become more curious and try to unravel various mysteries. Apart from its shooter type of gameplay, the narrative is actually a tutorial based type, the questions being put in such a manner to see your reactions, and as Nous learns more about you, the experiences become more personal and challenges grow evermore intense. The game is just amazing and delivers something entirely exceptional.
Genre: Action, Chase, Experimental, Narrative, Wave Based, Unique


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