Top 10 Free PC Games 2011


8. Nitronic Rush

Digipen is always known for creating innovative games and that too by amateurs. How about an arcade style survival racing game that has neon lit, futuristic style race tracks, Tron like visuals and electro-house music? Nitronic Rush has it all.
Nitronic Rush has 7 well designed story levels along with 5 unlockable hardcore challenge modes. The innovative design and controls produces the best original gameplay that lets you use NR to boost your speed, constantly change your center of gravity, and glide across gaps. You can also use buzzsaws and grinders, jump between elevated platforms and abysses using wings that spread out from your racing car, as well as move vertically up walls and swirl your car to a perfect landing. This is arcade racing at its best. There's also ghost runs of other players as well as online leaderboards.
Nitronic Rush created a wave at Digipen by winning the game of the year for good reason. With its amazing graphics and sound design, this unique and challenging racing game puts other commercial games in the shade. I would love to see more maps and modes, and even a multiplayer mode. Are you hearing me developers?
Genre: Experimental, Racing, Survival


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