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Momodora II was developed by rdein, which is a sequel to Momodora. The sequel continues from where Momodora has left off: the previous protagonist, who had been cursed into an underworld queen, has now returned and is causing problems for a nearby village. You play as Momo, a shime maiden of Koho village, on a mission to defeat the new queen.
Momodora II has a metroidvania style, the graphics closely resembling to that of Pixel's Cave Story, with a fitting and atmospheric soundtrack. You start with a basic maple leaf as your attack and you go on to attain new abilities such as double jump, missiles and dash power-up during the short adventure. The difficulty factor ramps up pretty quickly as you gain new skills. You'll also achieve hearts during the course of the game to replenish your lost health. There's also an in-game map to help you if you get lost.
All fans of its predecessor should certainly love this sequel with its varied world locations, mini boss battles and map exploration, and in addition, the better gameplay mechanics and graphics in this explorative and enjoyable platformer.
Genre: 2D, Action, Explorative,  Platformer


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