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I am Tech Support Alert's newly minted Macintosh editor. I have never purchased a Windows OS computer* in 20 years: every one of my computers has been some other type. I have used Mac System 6.0.8 through Mac OS 9.2.2 and then most of the Mac OS X (Pronounced "Oh Ess Ten" by those in the know) operating systems from 10.0 "Cheetah" through 10.9 "Mavericks". I'll attempt to share the rare resources, tips, and tricks I have found to be of most use to me in this guide.

I hope this helps!

Sea Mac

April 2014

Tips and Tricks for Mac OS - Quick Select Index

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Dock and Apps
Keyboard Shortcuts

Trackpad Tips

Mac from a Windows user's point of view:

File Manager
Add Fonts, Codecs and More Software
Drive and Partition
Startup and Shutdown


How to Quickly Switch Between Open Apps on a Mac

(A short description to be added here)

  1. Swipe three fingers up on your screen, or press Mission Control.
  2. Click on the application you want to use.


  1. Hold down the Command key and hit the Tab Key.


How to Remove Pesky Dock Icons on a Mac

(A short description to be added here)

  1. Hold down the CTRL key and use your mouse to drag the icon off the dock.
  2. Poof, it's gone and do the same for the next.

NOTE: If you can't get rid of a pesky icon, check if this icon belongs to a program that you're running and close it.


How to Search for and Find Large Files on a Mac

(A short description to be added here)

  1. Press Ctrl-F.
  2. Choose File Size - is greater than.
  3. Enter size.


How to Change Boot Manager on a Mac

Each time you start up your Mac, it goes to the default bootcamp manager to load your Mac OS. What if I need a dual boot with Windows or Linux?

  1. Install this useful tool rEFIt, which allows the user to select a partition to boot from.
  2. Reboot the computer to access the utility.

CAUTION: If you update the operating system, there is a good chance that rEFIt will be overwritten. Just install the tool again to restore access.

NOTE: The site claims support is limited to OS X Snow Leopard, however I have had no issues with Lion.





* that asterisk from the Introduction ...

I have used DOS 5, and I do know my way around Microsoft Windows (from 3.1 through 8.1) - and have a slight familiarity with a few of the Knoppix, and Ubuntu, Linux distros. I speak a couple of eight bit 'machine languages' , can repair or upgrade hardware, and I wear the appellation "Propeller Head" with pride. But it is with the Apple Macintosh desktop hardware, and systems, and programs that I am most familiar with. So I guess that - by default - I am the 'go to' Macintosh guy around here. But I do not claim to know it all: and I welcome this chance to learn from all of you, in turn.    

Sea Mac

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Yeah ... let me at it .... 15 years of Mac OS secrets rotting in my attic of a head. Best to air 'em all out ... see which ones are still workable ...