Three Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Viewing of YouTube Videos


YouTube videos are very common on the Internet and here are some keyboard tricks to help navigate around when viewing a video. These tips work either if you are on the YouTube site or if you are viewing an embedded YouTube video somewhere else.

For the tips to work, you must make sure that the bar with controls on it (called the “seek bar”)  has the focus. The seek bar is located at the bottom of a video. Use the small play control on the left of the seek bar instead of the big play button in the middle of the video. The image of the seek bar given below shows the play control outlined in red.

YouTube seek bar

Fast forward a specific percentage of the video length

Here is something that can be useful in long videos. Start the video using the play button in the seek bar. Then to jump 10% of the way into a video, press “1”, to jump 20% press “2”, to jump 30% press “3” and so forth. To return to the beginning of the video, press “0”.

Be sure to use the regular number keys in this tip and not numbers from the numeric keypad.

Fast forward or go back in 5 second increments

Start the video with the play button in the seek bar. Then the right and left arrow keys can be used to go forward or backward in 5 second jumps.

Pause/ play control

As long as the seek bar has been given the focus, the space bar can be used to toggle pause/play. Press the space bar and the video pauses, press again and it resumes play.

These tips should make finding your way around a YouTube video a little easier.

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