Thanos Hearts


Thanos Hearts

Play Hearts with different sets of rules including the British and Greek versions of Hearts.


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License: Free
Website: Thanos Hearts
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Select game rules, provides British and Greek versions of Hearts.
Only runs in full screen, no virtual characters or skill level adjustment.

Our Review:

If you like to play Hearts with different sets of rules, Thanos Hearts is a good choice. The program allows you to set the Jack of Diamonds to be a bonus card or set the hearts suit to carry points based on spot numbers. You can play in partnerships or vary some of the rules of play such as allowing Hearts to lead, etc.

The beauty of this program is that it includes the British and Greek versions of Hearts. In the British version of Hearts, called Black Maria (and loosely known as Dirty Lady or even Slippery Bitch), the King and Ace of Spades carry additional points. Black Maria is usually played by 3 people, in which case the program removes the Two of Clubs and deals 17 cards to each player. If you choose the 4-handed option, all the cards are dealt out.

The Greek version of Hearts is known as Koupes and requires a different game strategy since you're never allowed to play a point card (a Heart or the Queen of Spades) unless you have no choice. There is no initial card passing.

Thanos Hearts runs in full screen without virtual characters or different levels of skill. Your hand as dealt will be unsorted, so be advised to press "R" to reorder them properly.

Thanos Hearts was reviewed by on based on version 2.8.0.