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Determines and recommends TCP/IP settings for pre Vista systems.
Not for the novice. Lack of in-program help.

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Many consider MaxMTU to be the most important TCP/IP setting, perhaps with RWindow coming a close second. MaxMTU needs to be set to the largest value possible without your data being broken up into smaller chunks en-route. Those of a technical nature will determine MaxMTU by trial and error, pinging, or using different packet sizes but it's a tedious procedure and definitely not for beginners.

For those of us that don't carry around Request For Comments in our head, TCPOptimizer will generate values automatically following some simple tests. It is worth remembering that the product is aimed at the North American market so the web sites used for the latency test are all based there. These are simple to change and will give a more accurate result.

There are commercial programs that will do much the same thing but TCPOptimizer does it just as well and is totally free. The only minus is the lack of in-program help, however, you'll find a useful FAQ at the SpeedGuide website.

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Yes. I have been trying to use it for years. Sometimes to benefit and sometimes to detriment. Some values can be researched and determined with the program and entered into a custom config but the others, which I do not know how important they are, defy explanation within and without of the program. After a tweak session with no possible way to adjust all of the settings I sometimes have to sigh and check "windows default".