Play and record Internet radio streams with this simple and easy-to-use player


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Play and record Internet radio streams, rich directory, plain design and easy to use, many features, no ads.
Some advanced features not available, some stations in the listing encountered errors.

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TapinRadio, a capable and excellent Internet radio player, lets you listen to radio stations of your choice. It is full of features and comes in a clean, simple and easy-to-use interface.

The application has an extensive station directory for you to browse through, either by country, genre, national music or network. Besides music stations, it also lists other stations like public information, safety, weather, air traffic control, news and talks.

From its rich directory, it's easy to search your local radio stations. Just enter a country name into a search box and most of your local stations will appear in a list. On the list, double click a station to start streaming and playing, or right click and select 'add to favorites' to keep a list of your favorite stations for ease of access.

TapinRadio gives you plenty of settings to adjust and suit your needs. Besides the look and appearance, you can set the program to show a peak meter, toggle notification for the next song, fade station when stopping and starting, preset an equalizer for a station and set a sleep timer.

It even allows you to turn on 'auto volume' to solve the problem when a station is often playing louder or quieter than others.

The best part is, besides listening to radio, you can also record streaming media with auto splits. When a song ends, it automatically saves the next stream into a new file, named after the artist and title of the song where applicable.

On the downside, some advanced features such as lyrics, cover art, scheduled recordings and weekly updates of station listings are only available in the paid-for Pro version. Most stations that I tried with the free version worked well but there were also others in the station listings that encountered "unknown library error" or "connection timed out."

During installation of the application, you can choose to get either the 32 or 64 bit version if supported by your system, and do a full install or use it as a portable program.


TapinRadio - Play and record Internet radio streams with this simple and easy-to-use player

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A massive thank you to whoever it was who found this site. I have looked for something like this for ages none of them even came close to TapinRadio
thanks again great find

Since version 2.06 TapinRadio is no longer free :-(