Tame Twitter with This Add-on for Chrome and Firefox


Tweak New Twitter

This extension for Firefox and Chrome based browsers gets rid of some annoyances and makes Twitter more pleasant to use.

Make your Twitter timeline show original content from the people you follow, stay on the Latest Tweets timeline, move retweets to a separate timeline and more with this browser extension.

Tweak New Twitter is a Firefox and Chrome extension that adds several sensible features to Twitter. Here’s what the extension can do to make using Twitter a little more pleasant:

• Twitter won't be able to force you back to the "Home" timeline.
• Moves retweets to a separate retweet timeline, or hides them entirely.
• Always uses the Latest Tweets (chronological) timeline and automatically switches back when Twitter moves you to the "Home" (algorithmic) timeline.
• Hides "More Tweets" when viewing a tweet from an external link.
• Skips the confirmation dialog when you block someone.
• Removes sidebar content (Trends, Who to follow, side footer).
• Hides the Messages drawer.
• Removes some less-used links from the primary navigation (Explore, Bookmarks, Links).
• Hides the account switcher.
• Uses the site's base font size and normal font weight in primary navigation to make it less distracting (uses your selected font size from the Display / Customize dialog).

These features are all enabled by default and can be changed in the extension's options.

Optional features:
Hide tweets by or quoting verified accounts, or highlight them if you want to check how much of your timeline content is driven by verified accounts.

Get Tweak New Twitter here:
Chrome Web Store
Firefox Browser Add-ons

Install as a user script

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