A Powerful Tool to Organize Your Music Collection with Tags


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Pros & Cons:

Support basic and extended tags, complete with Music Renamer and Tag Processor. Preview tags and cover arts from online database before saving.
Does not support viewing and editing synced lyrics.

Our Review:

TagScanner is my favorite. It supports basic tags such as artist, album, title, track, year and genre, and extended tags including composer, grouping, BPM (beats per minute), etc. Lyrics are shown below the album cover.

Files can be renamed and tags can be generated from file names.

TagScanner allows you to preview tags and cover arts from online databases before saving them into MP3 files.

Unsynchronised lyrics are covered by the editor but unfortunately it does not support sychronised lyrics, which can be found in other tag editors like Kid3 and MusicBee built-in editor.

TagScanner was reviewed by on based on version 6.0.7.


This program easily beats out the best paid-for programs with its power and ease of use. Great program.

Thanks for the recommendation. An awesome tag scanner, IMHO. Automatically hops to the next track when you press Ctrl-S to save, and just generally gets out of the way and lets you tag tracks quickly and smoothly. Bravo to the devs.