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License: Free
Website: Sysmetrix
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Resource Meter
Categories: Resource Meter

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Skinning, wide variety of meters, easy configuration
One skin only, only total CPU load, product not maintained anymore

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SysmetrixSystmetrix - is a great choice in this category as well. It follows the same approach as Rainmeter in being a host application for skins that you can design yourself. However, you can only load one skin at a time so all your metering and info must be on it. That is a big disadvantage if you want to redesign your entire desktop but the configuration is much easier than in Rainmeter.

Sysmetrix combines a wide variety of metering, controlling and info gauges with an excellent skinability. The list of modules includes CPU, RAM, Drive Space, Page file, Network, Player Controls, Weather, Battery, SSID, motherboard info, and more. It also enjoys some popularity on the top skinning sites. There are beautiful skins available for every taste and target usage, from small bars (if you only want to use a small amount of space at the top of your screen) to larger gauges that you can place on a monitoring PC to watch from a distance. Sysmetrix offers different types of display: analog, text, bar, histogram, image-based graphs, interactive buttons, gauge, animations. It also offers weather and time zone information capabilities. I missed the possibility to add gauges for each CPU, only the total CPU load is available.

Sysmetrix is not maintained anymore it seems and its orginial website is down as well. Sysmetrix last version 3.45 is from March 2011. It still works fine up to Windows 10. You might want to check out a skin that I made myself for Sysmetrix called "Osci Pro". Find more details here.

Sysmetrix was reviewed by on based on version 3.45.