A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts!


As someone with a pretty short attention span and who's also quite the Twitter addict, I waste a lot of time checking my Twitter feed when I really should be getting on with work.  Which means opening a browser, spending a few minutes reading messages, then closing the browser window to get back on with what I'm supposed to be doing.

A few days ago I decided to do something about this silly habit.  What I needed, I realised, was some sort of IM window or scroller or ticker display that would alert me to the content of any incoming tweets on my account.  I could then glance at the pop-up for 3 seconds, read the message, and get back on with my work.  And I found just the thing!  

The vast improvement in my productivity in recent days comes courtesy of a program called Twittalert.  It's a free download from http://atomic.x10.mx/downloads.html which is only 0.6 MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  It should run on all recent versions of Windows, and is a portable app so it's easy to try without any need to install anything.

Once you run it, and authorise your Twitter account to use it, you won't initially notice anything.  Your PC will appear normal.  But as soon as a Tweet comes in, it will be displayed on the right hand side of your screen in a small rectangle.  Over a period of around 15 seconds, the box will then disappear.  That's pretty much all there is to it.  If multiple tweets come in, they'll appear in a stack of rectangles which will gradually drop down the screen.  And because the app is portable, once you exit the program and delete the unzipped download folder it's gone forever unless you run it again.



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Well, okay --- so VirusTotal didn't find stuff (based on the blacklists used by the respective programs) nor did (user-fed) WOT alert you on risks. On any new not-yet-discovered-but-oh-boy-so-nicely-to-exploit-vulnerabilities that is no surprise to me!

Errrr... is it just me, or ... would it maybe common sense to NOT trust
* a cheap looking site
* that has just ONE (!) product
* no proper contact information
* an empty forum
* and the product being pre-pre-pre-pre-Beta (version 0.0.6) ????

I guess, some people deliberately are looking for trouble, when installing software - HUH ?
Would you be one of them ??

Point taken, and I don't condemn your scepticism at all. But in this case, I've actually been in correspondence with the author of the programn (I requested a new feature and he promised to think about it), so I'm confident that this is something that can be trusted. As for it being version 0.0.6 and having an empty forum, this is a tricky one. A lot of good products fail to hit a v1.0 release because no one ever gets to hear about them and the developer loses interest. In this case, I thought the product was useful enough to warrant being brought to the attention of Gizmo's readers, so I chose to do so.

Does this pop up on direct tweets or all that a person follows?

The latter.

Thanks, it would be like having twitter open. I follow to many

Actually working on a filter system to also give you the ability to exclude certain users from showing up in the Twittalert notification feed.

Worth a shot tho looks like could get annoying. Been using one of those sites that sends you a summary at optional times. Can quik scan them at leisure rather than in frenzy of busy times.

Great! I was looking for a small app like this.

Is it just me, or does this actually seem like the ultimate productivity killer?

Which, the tool or Twitter? If you mean the tool, then my experience is that it's quite the reverse.