Superb Simple Editor With Handy Macro Feature


Docpad editor imageMany years ago, my favourite text editor was something called Program Editor. It was made by the same people who made the WordPefect word processor, and because this was the pre-Windows era it ran under plain old DOS.

PE had a really useful feature, which I used regularly and I still miss today. It was very easy to record a series of keystrokes as a macro and then play them back with a single key press. Not just a serious of letters and numbers, to add a signature to the bottom of a letter, but cursor control keystrokes too. Which is often incredibly useful.

Imagine, for example, that you're tidying up a text file which contains the report output from a certain other system. You need to search for a string such as "[[" and then skip forward 20 places. Then go down 2 lines. Then delete the next 7 characters you find. And you need to do this hundreds of times. How do you accomplish this in the most hassle-free way?

You could, of course, result to a dedicated Windows macro recorder utility, and indeed there are some good ones around. A simpler option, perhaps, is to use a text editor which has the feature built right in. Just like PE did in the 1980s. And for which I've been looking for a Windows-capable replacement for ages.

Today I found one. It's called Docpad, from Gammadyne, and the download from is around 10 MB. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, and is free. The macro facility is really simply to use, as there are "record" and "play" buttons right on the menu bar.

The program has loads of other features too, and runs on everything from XP to Windows 10. It's a really neat utility, and well worth checking out.


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Notepad++ also does this. Many plugins available as well. Here's an example I found

Back in the late 80s / early 90s, I used to use an editor named QuickEdit put out by Semware (heck, still do...:) . It didn't have a 'record' button, but was fully configurable, including macros (I could use it to edit a file, then with a 2-key combo, it would save the file, shell out and run the file against MASM; if the error levels were right run it again with LINK; if they weren't it would reload the file, open up another window and load the error file). This pgm looks like something else fun to play with. Thx!

I, too, missed PE from the early DOS days. This is wonderful finding this and finding fixed font. I wish Save as would suggest top line of file as filename to use but that's a big wish. To show you how old I am, I used PCWrite 2.55 for years to write code and paid for it for the MIS department i was in.
Thanks for this GEM. It's so clean and full of goodies.

Wow. PCWrite. That brings back memories. I think I found it during the v1.x days. Used that for a few years. Then, moved on to Multi-Edit, then Multi-Edit for Windows. There was a lot I liked about the program and the company. I've ended up with Notepad++ for the last few years, and I find I'm pretty comfortable with it.

Thank you. PE was probably my all time favorite editor. Well, it was at least in the top two.

Creating macros may have been the best feature of the DOS system...seems like a lifetime ago now though.