An excellent player for YouTube music in a floating window


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Filter YouTube music, configurable floating player, efficient multitasking.
Volume changes with some other apps, ads supported.

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Stream, offered by top developer DJiT, lets you playback music videos from YouTube in a pop-up floating window and do multitasking with other jobs in hand on a small mobile screen.

The interface of Stream is user friendly. The main page of the app features Top Charts of music available from YouTube and lets you discover more with a magnifier or from the two parts: Radios and Genres.

Radios are divided into party, workout, concentration and bedtime, each contains several channels, while Genres have many more, like Hip Hop, Pop, Electro, Latin, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country, Rock, etc., easily noticeable with thumbnails.

Each time you select a music video, it pops up in a small player, which can be set into a small, medium, big or maximum size. The player can be freely dragged around on the screen or closed from the action bar.

If you dislike the action bar on top of the player, neither do I, just disable it from the app’s settings. The player still can be closed at any time by dragging and dropping to a cross sign that appears temporarily at the bottom.

Stream, supported by ads though, enhances the YouTube app in two significant ways. On one hand it allows you to playback music while you're running other apps in the foreground; on the other, it comes with a built-in music filter to search only music videos for you.

This app supports and imports playlists, and has an option to save mobile data to only stream videos when connected to Wi-Fi.

Currently Stream can run on two platforms. The Android version works pretty well in my tests except that the sound volume unexpectedly turns lower when I run certain apps in the foreground. The Windows version is a beta that does not work as ideally as the Android counterpart. Keep an eye for it to improve.


Stream - An excellent player for YouTube music in a floating window

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Very good looking on Windows 10. Smooth selections & setups. Spot ads that can be skipped but so far not an issue. The Chill, Lounge, Jazz are great and all the other usual genres are there.
Thanks for pointing to this.

@beergas, glad that you find the app useful.