Stop Popups, Overlays, Privacy Notifications and More with This Browser Extension


Pop Up Off

Get rid of annoying popups, overlays, notifications, blur wrappers and other internet annoyances with this lightweight browser add-on.

PopUpOff is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge that gives you control over the overlays, popups, bars, panels privacy notices and other elements that need to be closed before you can view a web page.

If you’re tired of closing elements on websites, have been navigating websites with the keyboard because the slightest mouse movement can trigger an overlay, or would like to have the internet look more like it used to, give this extension a try.

Once installed an icon apears in the address bar that controls the options for the extension.
The add-on has a few modes that can be applied to any website by clicking on the icon.  Hard mode removes all stuck to screen elements – even some sites that have a popup requiring registration to view, such as Pinterest. Easy mode removes all except headers and navigation bars.

The first time it’s used a short tutorial appears. It can be skipped or run at a later time.

The extension is still in development but works remarkably well. There are regular improvements though there may be a bug here and there. It doesn’t block ads and is compatible with adblockers.

PopUpOff is non-commercial, ad-free and open-source software. The source code can be found at GitHub.

There are extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. It will probably run with other Chrome based browsers as well.

You can download PopUpOff here:


Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome


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Seemed to install - without asking - a couple of other items as well one was an Ad Blocker and I can't track down the other one, so be VERY cautious with this

Could you be more specific about what ad blocker it installed and other items you've found and where they are located?
The developer says the add-on doesn't block ads. I tested it on Firefox, Edge and Brave and didn't find anything anomalous, if I've missed something I would appreciate knowing about it.

I installed it on Chrome and when I clicked on a link in a tab I had open AdBlock Plus and one other add-on - I think it was something to do with printing pages - was installed. I repeated on FF and worked fine. I cannot repeat the issue on Chrome but this is a link (to refresh a blog) that I use multiple times a day from a reputable newspaper and I have never seen it act like this before, so the suspicion was immediately on this new add-on.

I can see how you would correlate the two, that does seem odd.
RomanistHere may add to this, but what I know of how the add-on works in browsers, it wouldn't do that. The extension is open source, anyone can view the code here:

I guess it goes down as one of those events that will never be explained - I now have it running on Chrome and FF with no issues!

Ah yes, *those* events. I've come across many. :)

The "I just want to read" setting allowed me to get past the paywall of a major newspaper site that was otherwise impossible. Don't know how long that will last, but so far so good.

I'm glad you like it. The developer is accessible and is very active, I'd guess that they will keep up with things as well as they can.

He's active enough to read these comments and ask, whether you guys have something to tell me? I'd be pleased to make my app better.

Follow my twitter to stay updated on automatic mode - it's coming:)

Good to see you here. :)

I don't have anything to add to your app, I use it and love it.

Thanks for this tip.
But what is wrong with me or my computer?
You write "...annoying popups, overlays, notifications, blur wrappers and other internet annoyances...".
I don't see any of that.
Firefox with uBlock Origin, WOT and Facebook Container.
Am I just THE lucky one or ???
Regards eikelein

I have a similar set up. What I'm talking about are the large boxes that pop up (usually on mouse move) asking you to subscribe to their newsletter or something similar. Or the ones that want  you to create an account and blur the background so you can't read anything. Pinterest is good example.

The privacy notifications are normally banners that let you know a site uses cookies and if you proceed, you agree to the use of your data according to the site policy. These are not an issue for me.