Adds a toolbar offering what Microsoft forgot to implement in the Explorer.


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Adds a toolbar to Explorer where advanced users can add and program additional buttons.
Really only useful for advanced users, others will get more functionality from QTTabBar.

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StExBar adds a toolbar to Explorer with buttons for the following file management functions: show/hide system files, open console from here, copy file/folder names, copy file/folder paths, new folder, rename, and a text box that filters the listed files.

StExBar screenshot


After installation, go to "View" in the Explorer then, from the "Options" or "Toolbars" menu, select this addon to enable the toolbar. On the surface this program is minimal but effective in offering what it claims to offer: "what Microsoft forgot to implement in the Windows Explorer." The addon requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10. Windows XP is not supported.

What makes StExBar unique and wonderful is that it lets you add new buttons that perform customizable command line functions. Your command line can include special variables that allow you to include selected files/folders and text.

In the dialog shown in the screenshot on the top right of this page (click to enlarge it), I created a button that searches from the current folder using the program Everything. Now this button can be arranged with the others on Explorer's toolbar.

So, StExBar serves the same function as FileMenu Tools, except items also appear on Explorer's toolbar besides in the context menu. Needless to say, these features require knowledge about using command line functions, parameters, and syntax. Less advanced users will find more features are available in similar programs like QTTabBar.


  • Access Where?  Explorer
  • Access How?  Toolbar
  • Favorites Menu?  No
  • Recent Menu?  No
  • Dialog Window Settings?  No
  • Additional Window Functions?  No
  • Customizability: High
  • Additional Features: Adds a few buttons with simple functions, but allows you to add and program new buttons.

StExBar was reviewed by on based on version 1.9.0.