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Speechnotes - Speech To Text

Voice Note taking with Style and Ease


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Easy to use, Accurate, Automatically punctuates and capitalizes text
No way to delete notes in-app

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Speechnotes - Speech To Text is an app that takes voice entry of your notes one step further.

It improves the recognition accuracy rate and automatically punctuates the text for you. It even intelligently capitalizes the appropriate words. The interface is simple and easy to use. The patent-pending punctuation and capitalization features are unique for an Android app. If you want to greatly improve your productivity, Speechnotes is definitely worth a look.

The first thing to do is select your language. Make sure you have Google Voice typing enabled in the Language & Input settings on your phone. On recent Android versions, you are looking for the Voice Input section inside Language & Input settings instead. If you already use Google Now, you should be good to go, but that doesn't have to be on. While you're in the settings, if you want to use Speechnotes offline, you may like to choose the offline language packs. Each pack is about a 30 MB download.

Once that's taken care of, tap the app's microphone button and start talking. It's as simple as that. Speak slowly and clearly to start with. Get a feel for how fast you can go to get consistent accurate results. A bit of practice pays off. When you're done, tap the pause button. At the bottom of the screen, you'll notice some editing buttons and a keyboard icon. You can use these for editing your notes.

While you're dictating, you can use voice commands to add extra punctuation and formatting. Some of those available commands are -- comma, question mark, hyphen, new line, new paragraph and even Smiley Face. A full list of available commands can be found on the Speechnotes web site link below.

Your notes are automatically saved and the last note is loaded when you start the app. You can change this in settings, by tapping the three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen. You can find other options there as well.

Speechnotes is claimed to have more than 90% accuracy. According to user reviews and comments, most have reported much higher accuracy rates comparable to those achievable with the Desktop speech recognition market leader Dragon Naturally Speaking. My tests gave outstanding results with very few errors. In fact, I almost can't believe how good the accuracy is.

It's important to mention that Speechnotes is not for voice controlling your device or apps and not for voice-typing within other apps. It takes dictation and does just that. It's great to see a single purpose app that does its one job so very well.

Once you are happy with your note, you can use the share arrow at the top right of the screen. You can send the text to any app you have on your share list such as Email, share on social media, send to OneNote or Evernote, or even maybe to your cloud or messaging app. Send your note to TTS via another app to have it read out to you. The same developer has a good one, but we'll leave that for another time. There are many useful possibilities I'm sure you can come up with.

Some things you can try are to put your phone in front of the TV while the news is on. You have an instant transcript. It's also handy if you're having a conversation and your phone is close enough to clearly recognize both sides of the conversation. You can get creative coming up with new uses for the app.

The Speechnotes web site is https://speechnotes.co/.

This is the home of the Desktop Speechnotes web version. It's the highest rated Chrome Speech recognition Web app. You can find a full list of available spoken punctuation and editing commands there. Just hover your mouse pointer over the dimmed command list on the right of the screen. Scroll down on that page to read more.

Speechnotes is free with no limits and no ads. It runs on Android version 4.3 and above. On their web site, PayPal donations are accepted. No donation option is available in-app. According to VirusTotal for Android, Speechnotes is clean and free from malware.

If you find Speechnotes as useful as I have, a donation can happily be given to say thank you for such a useful time saving tool. It would help the developers continue their good work. It's fast becoming my most used app. I used Speechnotes to dictate this review, and only transferred text to my PC for final editing. It saved me a lot of time. This is a marvellous app in my opinion. Enjoy!!


Speechnotes - Note Taking with Style and Ease

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