A Specialist Linux Distribution For The Vision-Impaired


If you have problems with your eyesight, or you look after the computer of someone who does, then Vinux is definitely worth a look.  It's a customised version of Ubuntu Linux for those with impaired sight.  It includes all the basic Linux functionality, but customised for ease of use.

There are 2 built-in screen reader (text to speech) apps, 2 screen magnification utilities, and it works with third party Braille displays straight out of the box. It's also easy to change screen colours, font sizes, etc.

Vinux is a large download, of around 700 MB, and is available in a number of different download configurations from the main www.vinuxproject.org web site.  You can get bootable images for both CD and USB, and there's a Live option that allows you to run the operating system from a CD without installing anything to the hard disk.

Vinux is free, but the developers ask for a donation if you find it useful.



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