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After using your Android phone or tablet for some time, do you start to notice that your device is running slower or getting less space?

If this is the situation, you will probably need to do some house cleaning on your device, either by uninstalling some apps you seldom use, or deleting photos, videos and other files you don't need to keep.

This exercise can be quite time consuming but thankfully there are apps that help us to do it. Among many choices, Clean Master is widely used with more than 500 million installs from the Play Store.

Run this app to monitor and reclaim storage and memory space on your device whenever necessary. It is equipped with many tools including Junk Files Cleaner, Phone Booster, Antivirus, Battery Saver and more for free.

On a try, the app helped me clean up a lot of junk files. It even has a Photo Cleaner to scan my gallery of images for duplicate and blurry photos which I was able to swiftly remove from the device as recommended by this smart app.

Give this app a spin if you have not. It has some helpful tools that you will ever need. And with millions of users using it, can they all be wrong?

Clean Master



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All-In-One Toolbox is my favorite for peaking Android performance and has everything I need. It has a good range of 10 built-in tools: Easy Swipe (don't really use this), CPU cooler (I really don't know what that does); Batch Install, Batch Uninstall, Backup & Restore (for your installed apps), System App Uninstall, App2sd (the one I most use), Boot Speedup, Startup Customize, and File Manager. It also has 13 plugins that you can install: Ad Detect, AppLock (requires an additional password before running selected apps), Auto Tasks, Game Booster, Notification Manager, Permissions, Pro Key (disables unobtrusive ads, which show when exiting the app and don't present themselves when Auto Tasks runs), QR and Barcode Scan, Quick Settings, Sensor Box, Volume Settings, Compass, and Flashlight.

I have been using this app for longer than I can remember. I am always cautious that just because you see something happening is it really accomplishing anything. I can't really tell how much good it is doing but it's never done any harm. I guess I would have to not use it for a while to see if my phone slows down or exhibits any other negative things happening. It has lots of positive reviews, has been around for a long time and I haven't had one issue with it.