Define aliases in Windows to speed up your ability to access to common parts of your computer or websites.


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Enables defining aliases which are entered into a text box. Has autocomplete for defined aliases.
Does not allow hotkey definitions, only aliases.

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SlickRun is another choice, which is not really a hotkey utility at all but achieves the same result by using "magic words". It does what some users have always used a simple Windows hack to do. It enables defining aliases in Windows.

It's possible to edit the environment variables to add a special folder to the paths variable, and the lnk extension to Pathext variable. Then you would just put links named intuitively into that directory, and execute them from the run dialog.

For example, dls could take you to your download directory, and docs to your My Documents folder. This program does all of that for you, without having to edit environment variables, and with autocomplete thrown in for good measure, nor is it restricted to things you can create links to within the OS.

If you're looking to speed up your ability to access to common parts of your computer or websites, and are keyboard oriented, then this is a great program to look into.


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