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toggle-button is one of those sites that makes curious people happy.
It started out as an effort to find, curate and index all the great videos on the internet, and now provides more than 170,000 how-to videos & articles from more than 17,000 specialized creators, spanning 35 vertical categories and 424 sub-categories.

The success of the site is based people powered curation with a focus on quality with their front page an ongoing update of how to information and the latest DIY news.
The categories page is nicely organized for easy reading, with the amount of videos per category displayed neatly next to the title.

I find the amount of information to be a little overwhelming even though I'm quite curious, but if you like how-to videos then this is the place for you.
Videos vary in length and overall the site is graphics intensive - not good for slow dial-up connections but not too bad for low bandwidth connections such as satellite internet. Definitely worth a visit if you have the bandwidth.

Editors Update: This site has advertising that is NSFW (Not Safe for Work) and that most people would find offensive.
The ad appeared after I posted the article and I don't recommend visiting the site. I've removed the link to the site.
The ads are currently Flash based but may change format.


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