Single-Click Access To VirusTotal To Improve Your Security


VirusTotal app for WindowsAs you'll know from reading the software reviews on this column, I'm a big fan of VirusTotal. It's a service that lets you scan any file for malware, by uploading it from within your web browser to the VirusTotal servers. The system then checks the file against more than 50 different scanners, both free and commercial, and reports its findings. It's a great way to check out the installer for a program you've downloaded, before you take the plunge and run it.

VirusTotal also offers an uploader utility as a Windows program, and the beta release of version 2.2 is now available. It makes it really easy to add an extra layer of security to your PC. First, you can now right-click any file in Windows Explorer and submit it to VT for scrutiny. Secondly, if you run the program directly, it shows you the files representing the background processes currently running on your computer and allows you to submit any one of them for instant scanning. So again, if you are concerned about a background service or program on your computer and you aren't sure what it's doing, the VirusTotal uploader allows you to ensure that it is safe.

You'll find the uploader at and, as you would expect, it's malware-free according to VirusTotal.

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Excellent find Rob, the right-click functionality is great.

Another exceedingly useful addition to one's security toolbox is PeStudio from Winitor (, a portable application also incorporating VirusTotal that performs a static analysis of any Windows executable binary (free for personal use).

VirusTotal is the gold standard for online multi-engine scanning-for-malware but, of course, there are others. That is why I like Process Hacker (at SourceForge) because it runs in the Notification Area providing functionality similar to Sysinternals/Winternals' Process Explorer, AND configurable instantly to alert on any changes in processes' and/or services' state (creation, deletion, starting, stopping) AND provides one-click uploading to THREE scanning websites: , , and to . It is utterly and totally brill, dudes & dudettes !

@Sid in Extremis , @crosseyedlemon , @ALL - I sincerely apologize, but I woke up stiff-backed, feeling my age and hoped doing the 12-year-old thingy would make me feel more youthful than foolish. Will post back with results after reading any replies and further comments.

@Rob - Hasn't Version 2.2 has been available since circa August, 2015? Am I missing something or are you, too, getting older and slower???

Nice, thank you!

Sounds excellent. I'll definitely be adding this to my security set-up.

Did you know that Virus Total can be integrated into Sysinternals' Process Explorer and Autoruns? It's utterly brill!

Sorry, twelve years old there for a moment.

No need to apologize. I'm embarrassed that most twelve year olds have tech knowledge far superior to my own. At least you didn't use the word "dude"....I hate when they do that.

Good find, it can be very useful. It seems to have a bug when you try and do 8 or more exe's at once but I can live with that.

@bernardz "a bug when you try and do 8 or more exe's at once"

Their site says "any file under 32MB", so just a guess that you exceeded that limit.