Show the Day of the Week on the Windows Taskbar Clock


Day of Week Taskbar

Here’s a quick way to customize the taskbar clock so that the day of the week is shown with the time and date.

The day of the week can be added to most versions of Windows, though the method varies slightly depending on what version you’re using. In all versions it’s changed through the classic Control Panel, as of this writing there’s not an option in the Windows 10 Settings to customize the time and date.

To start, open Control Panel. In Windows 10 click the Start button, type Control Panel in the search bar, and choose Control Panel (or press the Win logo key on the keyboard to open Search).

With Control Panel open, choose Region. (if you don’t see Region, use the View by: menu in the upper right corner and change the view to either small or large icons).

With the Region window open, choose Additional settings at the bottom of the window.
Select the Date tab at the top.

In the Date formats section, changing the Short date will add the day of the week in a long or short format. You can change the day to an abbreviated day of the week or the whole day of the week.

To show the abbreviated day of the week, in the Short date box add ddd and a space before M/d/yyyy, like this:
ddd M/d/yyyy to get this format:
Wed 4/‎15/‎2020
Click Apply to see the result and OK to change the Taskbar clock display.

To show the unabbreviated day of the week, in the Short date box add dddd and a space before M/d/yyyy, like this:
dddd M/d/yyyy to get this format:
Wednesday ‎4/‎15/‎2020
Click Apply to see the result and OK to change the Taskbar clock display.

The Reset button will restore the system defaults.

The unabbreviated day of the week may not appear in some taskbar clocks due to space constraints. If the Taskbar is set to use small icons, the day of the week won’t be visible in either format.

Windows also uses the time and date fields in other ways, for example, if you add the day of the week to the taskbar clock, it will also will appear in other places like the date field in Windows File Explorer.

There are directions to add the day of the week in Windows 7 and 8 and some other interesting customizations at Make Tech Easier.

Visit How to Fully Customize the Time and Date Format in Windows 10

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I played around with this a bit and saw the same issues as in the previous comments. easy enough to hit the reset in the control panel window.

When I changed the date to "ddd/M/d/yyyy" however, I have the day of the week in the taskbar and do not see anything else being upset by this. So far, at least.

It's really nice to have the day of the week down there. Thank you for the inspiration.

I like having the day of the week in the Taskbar too. :)

UPDATE: I've played around a bit more and found that if you use a period followed by a space as the separator after the short day you get Thu. 16/4/20 on the Taskbar and in Settings and Control Panel and Thu. 16.4.20 in Event Viewer, Task Scheduler etc., which I find less jarring.

Thank you for that, I didn't think to try it with a separator after the day because that is not something I would normally use but it does fix the absence of separators in the other programs and utilities so I'll live with it.

A hyphen will work too.

There are some limited pre-set options for date and time formats in the new settings app as well, under Time & Language>Region>Change Data Formats.

I found the same thing. Windows doesn't give any options for editing the date formats.

Thanks. I usually run a build or two behind the current Windows 10 release.

Interesting find, Rhiannon. Thanks.
Unexpected result of doing this: it changes the date display in programs, not just the taskbar. But not the way one would expect it.
I configure the date as Day / month / year, so today, before the tweak, was "15/04/2020".
I use Microsoft Money (years after development was stopped, I still find it the best personal finance software).
After this tweak, the date in MS Money suddenly changed to "15 04 2020". That is, no character between the digits. Yet the taskbar shows "Wed 15/04/2020."
I prefer having those intervening characters, so I've changed it back.

Makes sense. The way Windows handles those fields in various programs and utilities has probably changed over the years.

That is also the case in system utilities like Event Viewer, Programs and Features, Reliability History etc.

Good to know, thank you.