Seven Great Google Maps Alternatives You May Not Have Heard Of


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Google Maps may be the most well known mapping system, but it isn't perfect. If you're looking for different features, more accurate data, live in a country where Google is blocked or don't want to be part of Google's data collecting algorithms, these alternatives can get you where you want to go.

What map and route planning service you use depends on how you use maps, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. These alternative services have all the basic features with some useful features. Some are more accurate, offer a different feature, or have some other aspect that makes them viable alternatives to Google Maps. Some are for mobile, some are web based, and some are both. I've listed the alternatives here, but all the pros and cons of each service are discussed at the original article, I would head over there for in depth details.

MapQuest (Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, amazon)

Waze (Android, iOS)

Bing Maps (Web)

HERE WeGo (Web, Android, iOS)

Rand McNally (Web)

MAPS.ME (Android, iOS)

OpenStreetMap (Web) and OsmAnd (Android, iOS, amazon)

There are a few mapping services that are specialized and not good alternatives to Google Maps. If you want to get around using only public transportation, are out in the back country where topographical maps would be the perfect thing, or need turn by turn voice guided navigation check these services out:

Citymapper (Web, Android, iOS) Citymapper focuses on one thing; how to get around cities using public transportation whether it's via bus, train, subway, ferry, biking or walking in several cities around the world (currently 39 cities).

BackCountry Navigator (Android, Windows Mobile) BackCountry Navigator lets you use topographical maps, useful if you like to camp, hike, hunt, kayak, fish and other outdoor activities.

Navmii (Android, iOS) Navmii is built with drivers in mind. It provides voice guided navigation, traffic and road data for 150 countries. If you live in the US there's an Android USA version.

visit: Seven Google Maps Alternatives and Why They’re Better

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