Send international SMS free to almost any country

You will find it here.

It is very easy to use, simply select the country  and the mobile number you are sending to. Put in your message, of up to 160 characters, then your country code and your mobile number and send.

There is no need to register, and you can send unlimited sms to any country you like for FREE! You can use it on a smartphone (with a browser) or a computer.

I hope you do not use it for spam.


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I have you this one for years, easy.

What is stopping from selling all the mobile numbers to a third party for spamming purposes ?
I really try to avoid giving any company my mobile number for this very reason

Nothing it is a problem with all internet SMS services. I will say this I have used for years and I do not believe that I have been spammed as a result.

It's open for ONLY Australian customers. Doesn't help me much in USA. Oops.

It was an Australian I was replying too

Cannot place a phone number in the box. Using Firefox 29 on Win 7 32bit

Browser extensions and/or some security programs can interfere with this type of function. MC - Site Manager.
I gave up on firefox because I had too much trouble like this and went to Pale Moon. Anyway, I have tested it on Firefox 29 on Win XP 32bit, and it works. I do not think its a problem in the site but something wrong in firefox. I do not want to tell you how to suck eggs, but I am sure something is wrong. I suggest you try another browser and if that works, then test firefox in safe mode. If nothing works, and you still want to use free SMS try this site. In many ways, its better but limited to only three SMS a day. Let me know if I can be of further help.
I cannot explain why did not work, I tested it on two different operating systems XP and Win 8.1 and three different browsers - firefox (Pale moon) , chrome and explorer

Does not work for me

Which one do you use George? Having said that SMS now has over 5 billion active subscribers globally and a read rate of 90% in 15 minutes. I find an SMS is the quickest and easiest way to get the message out to a person.
I used to use other limited size text message services, but with Facebook's popularity I wonder if people actually these services now