Send Professional Looking Emails With This Pro Designer


If you run a small business, you have probably toyed with the idea of sending out emails to potential customers. Or maybe you already have your customers, and you just need to send them an occasional email newsletter which looks professional.

While it's very easy to put together a plain-text email which contains the bare bones of the information you want to impart, adding some sort of design in order to impress current and potential clients is harder. You need to know HTML, or you need access to a design package. And that can be expensive.

Thankfully, there's an answer, and it's surprisingly simple as well as slightly cunning!

Campaign Monitor is a commercial web-based service that lets you send advertising emails to people. As part of the service, there's an online email template design generator which is totally free to use. And while it's mainly designed as a sales tool for Campaign Monitor, it also offers you the option to download your template so that you can use it as you wish.

To try it out, head to in your web browser. You'll see the design canvas appear, within which you can design and tweak your layout. When you're done, and you end up on the Campaign Monitor sign-up page in order to make use of your creation, check out the small link underneath the sign-up form, which offers to send the finished template files to you by email. It's completely free, and the designs are of good quality.

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