Select Your Mood. Get The Soundtrack. Brilliant!


Listening to music can often help with whatever you're doing.  But some jobs are best suited to a specific type of music.  If you're studying, for example, you want instrumetal tracks that help you concentrate.  If you're playing sport, you'll want something else.  

8tracks ( is a brilliant way to listen to music.  Just click on a couple of buttons so the site knows what you're doing and how you're feeling, and you'll be presented with a series of playlists, all ideally suited to your mood and activity.  It's all free, too.

So whether you need to finish the report you're writing, or you want something that reminds you of Game Of Thrones, head to and start browsing.



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Thanks for that bit of useful info! This took time you were willing to share with us, and I'm grateful. I.O.U.1