See How Your PC Uses The Internet In Incredible Detail


You've probably noticed that the LEDs on your internet modem or router seem to blink all the time, even when you're not doing anything specifically internet-related such as browsing web pages or watching a video.  Clearly some of the background programs, or Windows itself, is talking to a server somewhere.  But which programs are using most of your internet bandwidth, and what are they talking to?

Glasswire is a program that lets you find out.  You can view the amount of data used by each internet protocol (web, email, ftp and so on), or by each program.  You can browse by any date or time period you choose.  And you can even see a real-time graph of your computer's internet usage too.  It's a great tool for troubleshooting connectivity or just learning about how "connected" all modern software and operating systems are.

Glasswire is a 15 MB download from and it's free.  It's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  My thanks go to Lex Davidson for telling me about this truly excellent utility.



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GlassWire started to use nearly 400MB of RAM in my system after using it for months. If anybody has the same problem just go to Settings->Clear History and your RAM usage will fall back to normal. (40MB for me now)

glasswire claims it's incompatible with my system, Vista Business, which is still supported, as far as I know. The website should indicate which version(s) of Windows it's compatible with. Nothing is said about that either at gizmo or glasswire

And my thanks go to you, rob: for sharing with us the tip you received! :-)

I got the message that the software is not compatible with my WinXP system.

XP is history. Not supported by many companies for good reasons.

Looks like a keeper!

VirusTotal gives all clear and clean for....
* GlassWireSetup.exe
* uninstall.exe
* GlassWire.exe

Also get an all clear from my personal virus scanner, McAfee Total.
GlassWire runs very smooth on my 64-bit Windows 8.1 system.
Thank you for this toolbox addition, Rob.

Bitdefender flagged up the uninstall.exe as Gen.Trojan.Heur2.FU.amX@aG1D6Ng

Seems to be a false positive but it was successfully disinfected.

Confirmation here by the looks of things.

Confirmed as false positive by BitDefender...

This looks interesting but, Version 1.0.25 beta

Probably not for everyone, yet.

It's stable for me. No crashes yet :)