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Every Time Zone

This simple, intuitive web app shows the current time for major cities around the world.

If you need to interact with others working in different time zones, determining their current time and day of the week quickly can make the task easier.

Every Time Zone shows your time zone and the time of main cities around the world in an easy to understand display.
You can see at a glance the time in your time zone and the time zones of other cities.
In addition to a time zones in major cities around the world it displays Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and UTC times in 24 hour format.

The calendar icon in the upper left corner lets you choose a date range and the current time is in the center of the page. You can slide the green line showing the time to earlier or later times and days, while the current local time stays in place.
The list of cities isn’t long so there's minimal scrolling.

The site offers a free account to customize time zones, but a Google account is the only way to sign up. Paid plans have more features.

If you need to see the time zones in more cities, there's a larger list at a similar World Time Server page. Time is displayed in 12 hour format and the current UTC/GMT time is shown.

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What about FoxClocks extension of Firefox?
I find it very easy to use and customize, and it's quickly available if you have Firefox already open (as I normally do all the time).

Nothing wrong with it at all, if that's what works for you. I have several different browsers open at once, which is why I prefer something that works across all browsers platforms and that doesn't require an addon or extension.

give this web app a try too, perhaps.
and let us know your opinion.

I love timeanddate. I did look at the time zone converter, it's nicely done. I like the vertical bar that moves to highlight time zones and how you can hover over the location to get the location and time. It's great that islands are included. It easy to find so many cities. If you're working with people in different time zones, especially a group of people, it's more difficult to see the time where they are are quickly.

It's quick and easy, but I found no way to look up other cities without customization which requires a sigh in with GOOGLE !

Yes, I mentioned that in the article. That falls into the "cons" category for me, but people who love the ease of signing in everywhere with a Google account will like it. That's why I added the link in the article to the World Time Saver page, it lists many cities. 

If you want a minmal interface and need to add customized cities I like