Security Baselines To Make Your IT Role Easier


Security Compliance ToolkitIf you look after security within your company, and you use Windows computers, you'll hopefully be aware of Group Policy settings. These allow you to automatically configure users' PCs from a central location without having to manually change the settings on each computer.

The trouble with Group Policy is that there are way too many possible settings. In the case of Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11, there's a total of 4,800 of them! So if you want to ensure that your security options are set sensibly, locating the relevant settings in that huge list can be hard.

To make things easier, Microsoft publishes a free tool called the Security Compliance Toolkit. Within there, you'll find a set of definitions known as Security Baselines. A Security Baseline is a list of security-related group policy settings, and their recommended values. So you can set up a best-practice security configuration in your company simply by applying the baseline that works best for you.

You can read all about it at and you'll also find links from that page to the relevant downloads.

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