Security Alert: If You Use Java, Read This.


Java security alertWe all know the importance of installing security patches when they are released. Indeed, many applications and operating systems handle the installations automatically nowadays so you don't need to do much except enable the auto-update feature.

Java, on which many web sites and other programs rely, has been through many updates over the years. The version I installed this morning, for example, is 144. But in the past, updates to Java had a serious shortcoming. Although the new, secure version was installed correctly, the old insecure version was left in place. So if you're a regular Java user, your computer may still contain multiple insecure versions.

If you're worried that your computer might be at risk, see for details of how to download a free program that will remove all the old insecure versions of Java from your PC.


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Another useful tool to update -- and remove previous versions of -- the Java RTE is JavaRA, from Singular Labs: (current version: 2.6).

It is also available from Softpedia: and Major Geeks: .

JavaRa may not work correctly any more. Per "JavaRa is no longer receiving updates. Please see the ‘Retiring JavaRa‘ ( post for more information." V.2.6 was the final version
Singular recommends the Oracle tool cited in this article, or, as an alternative, Revo Uninstaller (there is a free version at