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Scientific paper searchWorld Wide Science is an online portal that lets you search millions of academic papers and journal articles that cover subjects such as IT, medicine, physics, chemistry and lots more. If you want in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, this is the place to find it.

Although not all referenced articles are freely downloadable as full text (sometimes you have to pay if you want to read anything except the summary), there are still loads of full articles to read. The availability of a full downloadable copy is clearly indicated in the search results.

So to broaden your knowledge, head to and get searching.






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The use of sciencedirect crosseyedlemon, is only to get the DOI reference which you will need to get the article in . This DOI is kept up to date. eg June 2016 edition is now listed on the site. Another point I should say is that many local and state libraries charge nothing to join and membership in them gives access to many journals too.

In addition to the local and state libraries many colleges also provide excellent information online related to a variety of scientific disiplines. If you have an interest in genetics the University of Utah has a nice offering here >>> This is one of my favorite science sites, I visit it everyday.

Nice share -- thank you

The best site for scientific papers is You need a VPN because this site is banned in many countries, I use ibvpn so I can log in from Iceland or Saudi Arabia and I am told it works from Peru too Then what you need to do is go to a site like this to get the DOI The go into sci-hub and put in the DOI numbers and you should be able to get it. There is a whole story with sci-hub which would be interesting to readers here so you may want to do a hot find about it Rob.

Sciencedirect has been one of my bookmarks for some time and I agree that it provides some excellent information. The website Rob has mentioned looked like a promising addition until I clicked on the home page news heading and saw the most recent entry was August of last year.