Search 60 Million Scanned Newspaper Pages


Google abandoned its plans to digitise huge numbers of newspapers a couple of years ago.  However, the results of its original efforts are still online, in the form of a searchable archive of 60 million pages from some of the world's best-known newspapers (and some little-known ones too).  The scans go right back to the 1800s, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.  

So if you're into history, or just curious to see whether anyone you know was mentioned in a newspaper in recent years, head to and see what you can find.




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It's a huge resource, but unfortunately it can't be searched by subject. You would have to know the exact date of an event.

Just put your search term in the Google News search box at the top of the page and click on "Search Archive".

Also see Chronicling America for free digitized historic US newspapers:

That's a really great find, I love history : )

The archive is rather incomplete with many gaps but it's fascinating for a dip and a browse... I just read a short 1923 piece about the sole survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava, then a piece about the Yorkshire Ripper being still at large and his identity unknown, an 1886 piece about the impact of the weather at Waterloo, and a 1910 article about a Philadelphia lawyer claiming that Dr Hawley Crippen's wife was alive and well in the States (Dr. Crippen at the time was in Britain awaiting execution for her murder.)

Absolutely brilliant, reading the press like this can give a real feel for historical events that you just don't get very often from history books. Thanks Rob : D