A command line utility that securely erases at a specified number of passes


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Light on resources. Created by Mark Russinovich.
No interface. Its erase pattern has not improved since 2006 and it's not quite as good as the other products.

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SDelete is a command line utility that securely erases using a default DOD 5220.22-M pattern at a specified number of passes.

It can erase files/folders, or the free space of a drive. Like other erasers, it doesn't erase file names (instead it renames them 26 times). To quibble, I found it a bit less effective on a 1 pass wipe of free space than other contenders in the same category (some data was recognizable in PC Inspector's hex view, but not much of importance).

Since it has no interface, you have to use old school DOS commands, but you can easily copy and paste over the commands (you may have to use the context menu to paste).

After you download it, open a command window (click Start > Run > type "CMD"), and then, for example, enter "sdelete -p 2 -z c:" (without quotes) to wipe the free space of C drive with two passes. See its download site and Bright Hub for guides.

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