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Wizmouse is a free utility that lets you scroll in any window by putting the mouse pointer over any open application instead of having to click to change the focus to a different window. No more clicking on a window before being able to scroll inside the window with the mouse wheel, saving you extra clicks and time.

Wizmouse is a small Windows program that makes your mouse wheel work on the window that's under the mouse pointer instead of the current active window. It might seem that having to click on a window to scroll in it isn't a big issue, but if you do much copying and pasting from program to program, have more than one window open and need to read or work in another, or use multiple monitors this little gem saves time and clicks. If you use it for a while you'll wonder what you ever did without it and why it isn't a native Windows function.

Wizmouse has a basic interface so it's easy to use and options are easy to configure. You can choose to enable or disable it, have it start with Windows, enable it for applications without mouse wheel support, and choose how many lines the mouse will scroll. Wizmouse is a little different from similar apps in that it can optionally enable the mouse wheel in applications that don't support it.

Wizmouse is a free utility that runs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10. It's a small download (551 KB) and is free of malware according to VirusTotal and both portable and installable versions are available for download.

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I used WizMouse for years in the past but never paid attention to the fact that it must have stayed with my different computers and many updates and upgrades. It is installed on my present computer and I could have updated it but checked my settings in Windows 10 and it's already turned on there so one or the other or both must be controlling this function. Does that make any sense? Is there any benefit to using one or the other or both? Will one defer to the other as the dominant application? :-)

I haven't tested it in Windows 10 on all my programs, I like Wizmouse because it works in windows that don't normally support scrolling. If the Windows 10 built in feature will scroll in windows that don't support scrolling I would use that. I'll re-enabled Wizmouse and see if Windows 10 supports scrolling in the same windows.

You can disable Wizmouse from the tray icon, just click on the icon and uncheck Enabled. That will leave the Windows 10 function active.

I too, believe this is built into Windows. Go to Settings>Devices>Mouse and turn on "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them." Works for me, running Win 10 ver 1803.

I just now had a chance to try this, and it works great. I didn't know that setting was there, thank you. :)

You are correct, CB. I never realized there was a setting for it; I assume mine was turned on by default. Just always worked (I'm now at v1809).

Isn't this already a built-in feature in Windows 10?

I also recall reading at some point that Win10 would have this feature. None of my Win10 PCs, however, actually have this feature. I have used WizMouse for years for this reason and have always been very pleased.

This is weird;works like a charm om my Win10 64b v1803.

Ditto. Works fine for me too, as expected.

I've read reports of it not working for some applications but I've never had that happen.

I've read about it being a feature on a few tech sites, most had a title something along the lines of "software you won't need in Windows 10". Clicking from window to window used to annoy me no end - one of the things I wished Microsoft would do something about - until I came across these programs. Wizmouse goes on every system I have anything to do with. I don't think anyone notices, but I like to imagine them being a little happier using their Windows systems. :)

I'm not sure. I read that it was, but when I uninstalled Wizmouse on my laptop that runs Windows 10 (build 1803) it didn't appear to work even with a reboot. I reinstalled Wizmouse and it works fine. I use a mouse with the laptop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Odd. I did remember it being listed as a Win10 feature, either in the original release or an early update.
And after seeing your article, I checked several windows on my desktop PC and they all scrolled without changing focus and with no additional software.
Also works on my laptop with mouse.
What I'd really like to know is how you do the mouth and the hands in the shrug: \_(" )_/

I haven't seen anything official from Microsoft about that, but it's been mentioned in several blogs, so I don't know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The shrug is a unicode emoji (U+1F937). As far as I know there's no way to reproduce it easily in
Windows since it makes use of a character on the Japanese keyboard. I've looked high and low for a way to reproduce this in Windows, if you find one, let me know.
You can use an AutoHotKey script or other text expander to insert it, but I just insert it from the clipboard utility I use.
You can copy and paste the one above, or you can find it some places on the internet where you can copy and paste, like this site:
Or you can search for shrug emoji. :)

Thanks, rhiannon..
At least I now know I wasn't just too stupid to figure out how to do it on the keyboard.

Lol you're not the only one.....I tried it with the keyboard too. I thought I couldn't figure it out...then I went looking. :)

Cool. I use AlwaysMouseWheel for this, but this looks like a similar alternative.

I use AlwaysMouseWheel for several years now. It didn't let me down... until recently: The last two versions (4.08 & 4.11) don't work in Edge (at least for me). So I stayed with (portable x64) version 4.04 (until that get fixed)

Good to know, thanks.

I triggered the developer of AlwaysMouseWheel about this problem in Edge.
As a result a new version is out (4.14) that fixes the problem.

Wonderful! Thanks for the update. :)

It is similar and I haven't tried it for some years. I've used it and KatMouse before. I ended up staying with WizMouse because there were windows that the other two programs wouldn't activate when scrolled and I had to click to change the focus. That may have changed in the intervening years, I'll have another look at it. :)