Screen Grab Pro


Screen Grab Pro

A screen capture tool features one-click grab of any screen


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Pros & Cons:

Capture full screen, active window, and rectangular area from hot key or program. Delayed capture. Output to clipboard or auto save file. Can open file automatically with default image editor.
No auto-scroll or editor. No printer output. Lowers screen resolution when capturing rectangular area so most of right and bottom sides are unavailable.

Our Review:

Screen Grab Pro features one-click grab of desktop, active window and region from the main interface or hot keys. It also allows for timer operation and copies images to the clipboard or external editor.

I liked that it had an option to automatically open the external editor after saving the file.

It lowers screen resolution when attempting to capture a rectangular region so nearly half of the right and bottom sides are unavailable.

The resulting images can be saved as JPG, BMP, ICO or PDF.

Requires an email address for registration.

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