A genealogical management system that is easy to use, fully featured and portable.


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Easy to use, portable, less gender constraints, exceptional date format, creates a complete web site for upload, global merge function and supports other languages.
Only one citation per event, one source format; no private notes, no book print function, no history list and no fan charts.

Our Review:

If you're interested in an easy to use portable application, then ScionPC should be at the top of your list.

I love the lack of gender constraints, e.g. I can add both of my grandchild's same sex parents without resorting to tricks such as changing the gender of one of the parents. Both members of marriages are referred to as partner's. (There is a warning that the couple is the same sex.) I wish other genealogy programs would adopt this standard. Can document a Sex Change.

ScionPC has exceptional date format support, e.g. Circa, Before, After, Estimated, and Date Range modifiers as well as Georgian, Julian, Hebrew, French Revolutionary, Islamic, Persian, Indian National, Coptic, User Defined and Unknown calendars. I like the pop up calendar for use when entering dates.

The program creates a complete web site for upload and supports CSS. Lists include repository, note and media.

The global merge function is designed for all identical Sources, Repositories and Notes.

It supports other languages; database format is XML compliant yet only supports the ascii character set.

On the flip side, it allows only one source citation per event and only one source format. It has no private notes, no book print function, no history list or back button to revisit previously viewed pages, and no fan charts.

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