A basic, quick, no-frills drive space analysis program


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Lovely visuals. Standalone program with no install.
User interface doesn't follow usual Windows functional style.

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Scanner is a basic, quick, no-frills drive space analysis program. It has a single window display that shows a tree-fan graphic, drive selection buttons, a button for emptying the Recycle Bin and one that pops up the Control Panel Uninstall Programs window. It starts scanning immediately when started, so be prepared for the delay during startup. One unusual feature of the program is that the window cannot be resized by clicking and dragging the borders. Instead, there are small '+' and '-' icons next to the drive selection buttons that are used to make the window incrementally bigger or smaller.

The prominent tree-fan graphic is browsable by clicking on the elements of the tree. There is no built-in file explorer, but right-clicking on an element in the graphic pops up a menu that includes an option to open it in Windows. The right-click menu also includes options for deleting items, as well as hiding or zooming in on items in the tree. The 'Rescan Folder' button rescans from the current folder level for speedy updates after making changes.

This is a standalone program with a single, small executable file, so it is easily portable. It can be integrated with the Windows Explorer context menu by running a registry setup file that comes with the program, but the REG file needs to be modified with the program location before running it. Manually modifying the registry like this is probably not something for the casual user. A text help file is included that is worth reading to get details on using the program, including known bugs and limitations.

Scanner is small and quick with a clean, but non-standard interface. However, it lacks some features that are common in other utilities in this category.

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