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Since the 1960s, the paperless office has been a dream. Now however, Genius Scan, the scanner in your pocket, works towards that dream and is a great free app for Android and iOS.

It allows you to capture those annoying little bits of paper that you may collect while on the road and are vital at the end of the months for your expense account, or that new contract that needs to be back at the office and you are on the other-side of the world.

The free version of Genius Scan reviewed here allows you to scan, enhance, build up a PDF document, email the scanned documents and save to your library. The app is perfect for average users although it's supported by ads.

When you first install the app, there are a few default settings such as image quality, color enhancement, email recipient, backup and restore that may help with your particular use case.

Getting started with the app is a breeze—just tap the camera icon at the bottom left of the app screen and you are ready to scan your first document.

The screenshot on the right shows a document that has been scanned, with a grid added by the app allowing you to define the outline of the document, though to be honest the app does a good job of selecting the correct document outline on its own.

Once you have the document to your satisfaction, click 'use' or the 'V' sign to confirm and it takes you to the next screen for rotating the image or any other enhancements that you may need. You can then share the scanned document via email or a third party app, or move it to a document folder. The folder is really very useful and a major plus for this app as you can use it to group multiple scans and export them into one PDF file, which can be renamed with just a tap on the title.

You may be asking why not just use the camera app? Well, that's how we get to sum up the advantages of this little handy app. Unlike the camera app, Genius Scans does these well:

  • Auto detect the document;
  • Correct the perspective;
  • Crop out irrelevant areas of a scan;
  • Enhance the image according to your settings;
  • Create a multi-page PDF of your scans;
  • And email multiple scans all in one go.

This app is free for both Android and iOS with some in-app purchases for more features. Unfortunately, no free version is available yet for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.


Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

For Android
Size: 10 MB

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 21.1 MB


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The app looked promising, but it failed to run on my android jellybean xperia phone too. The developer said is working on a solution for this issue, so it seems to be a common problem.

Good app suggestion, though. I hope all bugs get fixed soon.

It is nice to see the developer is working on a solution and I hope they get the issue fixed for you.

I loaded this on my Nexus 5. It crashed continuously. Every time I did anything it would do what I wanted then it would crash. Annoying. Re-loaded, no joy. I tried. It's gone in favour of CamScanner (free,, which jumped through all the hoops without crashing once.