Scan All Apps on Your Android Mobile For Viruses and Malware


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At Gizmo's Freeware, we recommend using VirusTotal which is a free web application to scan a given file or a website's URL to check if it contains any viruses, trojans, worms or other malware, or if the website is clean.

If you're using an Android mobile device, VirusTotal has an app too for you to scan all the apps, including user and system apps installed on your mobile and it is free.

Upon first run of VirusTotal on your mobile, it automatically scans all the installed apps, computes their hashes and compare them to its database. After the scan, you will see a list of all apps, each marked with a green or red Android icon, or a blue question mark as follows:

  • A green Android icon means that the app was scanned in the past by VirusTotal and was not detected by any antivirus engine against malicious content. It is safe to use;
  • A red Android icon signifies that the app was detected as malware, malicious or unwanted by one or more antivirus vendors. The app is potentially unsafe to use but the scan result can be a false positive depending on the detection ratio;
  • A blue question mark indicates that the app was unknown to VirusTotal. A rescan may be needed.

Tapping any of the scanned apps in the result list, you get its details, showing the detection ratio and which antivirus vendors detected this app.

Long-tapping a scanned app in the list, you can re-scan or submit the app to VirusTotal for analysis but you will need to sign in with a VirusTotal Community account, which is free to register.

VirusTotal does not provide real-time protection against antivirus or malware but it does give you a second opinion about the apps installed on your device.

Run VirusTotal once in a while, beware of the apps marked with a red icon, and increase your peace of mind in using the apps or apk packages that you may have installed from the Play Store or any other third party sources.




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Commspro, where did you get your information on the last update? If you click on the VT link Jojo provided you will see the last update was done on 26th June, 2016. I will be downloading this to all three of my androids. VT is a very good link/URL tester [red-rated product reference removed as per site rules]

4 years since the last update?...Really??

No offense but I wouldn't use this app. Instead I can suggest this one, which is being developed in collaboration with VirusTotal :

Why not? "I wouldn't use..." implies you think there's something unsatisfactory about the app, and I'm probably not the only one that feels if you're going to make a comment like that, it's worth explaining why not and why "...can suggest this one..." is a better option.


At a glance it looks like the funnycat app is a front end to the virustotal app, developed in conjunction with VT. Is there any real difference in the two as far as detection of problems? If FC is a front-end to VT, won't the last update of VT be more significant, since the update to an access point doesn't really add any detection value, maybe just a better (or not?) user interface?

Either way, I'm going to try the fc version based on your recommendation, with the assumption that the detection quality won't be any less than VT, and with benefit-of-the-doubt, maybe it's better. I'd try them both, but I'm worn out from writing this and only have the mental energy for one.


Thanks, Jojo Yee!
Finally a trusted second opinion to check my Android phone against!