Save Ink And Paper. Print Only The Parts Of A Web Page That You Want


Running an inkjet printer isn't cheap, but sometimes it's useful to print out a web page for future reference.  But if you want to print only the important parts of a page, in order to save time and ink, it can be tricky.

The PrintFriendly site at can be really helpful.  Just go to the site in your browser and enter the address of the web page you want to print.  Within a couple of seconds you'll see a highly print-optimized version of the page, ready to print.  Even better, click on any sentence in the print-friendly view and it instantly disappears, so you can tweak the image until only the sections you really need are displayed.  Then, when everything is just the way you want it, you're ready to print.

Using a site such as this not only saves paper and ink, but also means that you can easily keep printed versions of important information without any additional content.  A page that might normally have taken 3 sheets of paper in order to accommodate all the extra panels, adverts, headers and images, can be cut down to just a single, more manageable page, thus making it much easier to find the information in your files at a later date.

And with the added ability of the site to generate your selected view as a PDF, you could even file those tweaked pages electronically in something like Microsoft OneNote, thus making the retrieval process even more simple.  See for the download.




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For Firefox users there is an extension called Clearly that works great.

I've checked and can't find any Firefox addon named Clearly, except one for Evernote, which I do not use. Are you sure of the name of the addon?

I use Tranquility, and bookmarklets Print Friendly, PrintWhatYouLike, and Clippable, depending on the type of input and the output options.

Many thanks for the tip; I look forward to trying printfriendly. At present I use the PrintWhatYouLike Chrome extension (link below) to achieve something similar and it will be interesting to see how results from the two approaches compare.

(PS I still miss the Aardvark Firefox extension!)

Both are great tools and offer browser plugins but I find that CleanPrint works on some sites which PrintFriendly does not. Also, the former has more customization features.

This is without a doubt one of the best tips I've found here. Thank you and keep the good work coming.

This is the find of the year. Being able to so easily remove any pictures, individually, before printing is a fantastic feature.

Thanks so much. You people are great and have been great assistance. Thanks again.

I tried it a moment ago, quickly, just to see the possibilities and... WOW!

GREAT TIP, rob... thank you! :-D

This is a great website! The optimized results can be printed to paper or a PDF. Thanks for the review and link!

This is a clever little program that works easily and quickly.
It is really convenient for extracting parts of large files such as Wikipedia information . Highly recommend!