Samsung Global Goals


Samsung Global Goals

A charity app lets you earn and donate to a good cause.


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Simple user interface, updates on global goals, generate revenue for donation.
Limited to Galaxy users.

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In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this charity app Samsung Global Goals is designed for you to understand the United Nations' 17 Global Goals and support the specific goals that you care about.

With this app, you can easily donate money earned by viewing the ads while your device is charging, or donate directly with an in-app purchase to support the global goals, which are set in the UNDP to achieve by 2030.

Samsung is committed to matching the user-generated revenue each time up to $5 million each year, thus doubling the amount donated.

Using the app is straightforward with a simple layout of four tabs: Updates, Goals, Donate and Settings.

The Updates tab gives you an update about the global goals, while each of the 17 goals is explained in detail with facts and figures provided in the Goals tab.

From the Donate tab, you can select your favorite goals to donate to, check out what you've earned through viewing ads, goals supported, all-time donations, etc.

The Settings tab has an option to toggle the global goals lock screen and global goals charging screen.

The good thing about this app is that all are able to help a good course even without the need to spend their own money as the revenue can be earned from in-app advertisements. However, this app is only available for Samsung’s Galaxy users.

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