The web browser that's built into iOS devices and most popular among Apple users.


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Fast, great layout and very good features.
No Flash support.

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Safari is the benchmark of all my reviews due to it being inbuilt into all iOS devices, and because it is the most popular web browser with Apple users. With the launch of iOS7, Safari has been updated to include some very useful features. Although Safari is the same on all iOS devices, the layout is different between the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. This is because of the limited amount of space on the iPhone and iPod touch and therefore, Apple has had to alter the layout.

Main features according to manufacture:

  • Bookmarks Synchronization
  • Share Sites
  • Reading List
  • Gestures
  • Full Screen Mode

After tapping the Safari icon, Safari loads within a second. One negative issue is that it does not have a home page. The last page you view appears every time you load Safari. This is fine, but if you’re similar to me and like to start every session with the same website (which in my case is Google), this is annoying.

Safari, on the whole, is fast but at times it does feel slow when loading webpages. Another problem is that Apple does not support Adobe Flash Player. This means that there some websites that do not display correctly and certain features, such as videos, are unavailable.

The layout of Safari is very good, with all the main features easy to find and it has a very clutter free appearance. The new tab button works instantly as does the bookmark button.

Safari has a lot of useful gestures such as: holding a finger down on a word; website; etc that brings up the options, Copy, Define, Open in New Tab, and Add to Reading List, which I find to be a big help.

One of the best new features in Safari is the Reading List function. This basically allows you to save websites so they can be read when your device is offline. This is perfect, if like me, you go to places where there is no or very slow Internet.

With Apple's iCloud service, all your bookmarks are instantly shared among all of your iOS devices and laptops/desktops. However, it will only share with the Safari web browser and not any other browser. Nonetheless, this works instantly between your devices and is a very useful feature.

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