Rotate A Video Easily With A Free Online Service


If you need to rotate a video clip that's on your PC as a digital file, there's no need to download and install a separate program to do it.  Simply head to in your web browser, select the video clip, and then click the simple option buttons that appear.  You can rotate in steps of 90 degrees in either direction, change the ratio between 4:3 (squarish) and 19:9 (more rectangular), and even change the colour of the solid bars that appear when you change the aspect ratio.  This makes a welcome change from the standard black that most software offers.

Once your video is uploaded and rotated, which takes just seconds, you can download the finished file to your computer or automatically share it onto a number of social networking sites or Youtube.





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I used to rotate 90 degrees clockwise a 43MB MP4 file created by my Samsung DV300F camera. My original file plays on WMP and Pot Player and Real Player. The rotated file plays on WMP and Pot Player, but Real Player fails with an error saying that the file's content type is "mp4m".

I agree with mvozzo's concerns.

The free tools explained in without installing a 3rd party tool would be well enough (except the 7th one referring to the same website :) ):

Thanks for sharing this Rob. I am a little nervous uploading to this service (eventhough they say the files will be deleted). If I am after some software for my PC to do this, can anyone suggest some Video Rotation freeware for use with MPEG, AVI file etc. Thanks in advance.