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Rocket Music Player

A music player with a good set of features


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Clean interface; Very good playlist management; Automatic "Live List" playlists"; 5-star rating system support; Tag and album art editing support; support for embedded lyrics; Option to use without ads and without certain features or with ads and with extra features (such as crossfading, better equalizer, and more); Easy to use
Some features only accessible with ads enabled


Rocket Music Player, in my opinion, is the best free music player available for Android. It has plenty of features, and even more can be enabled by turning on ads.

Our Review:

Rocket Music Player is a suggestion I got from several people in the comments section a good couple of years ago. Even after all these years, it is still my first choice for this category, and it (mostly) keeps getting better. In fact, since about a year, if I remember correctly, you even have the option to turn on almost all the features that were previously only available to paid users - simply by turning on ads. The ads are not intrusive (I have yet to see a full-screen ad). It even supports Android Auto. More on that later.

The artists, songs, albums, and genres sections work as expected, except there are more sections - folders and even composers. Everything is smooth as ever again, and it's very well done. There is also a podcast and video playback section. Playlist management is also very good - simply go into any secion and hit the multi-select button. Then you can choose as many tracks, albums, or whatever else as you like and add them to a playlist. Also, you can choose a song, album, or whatever else to play right after the current track is finished - another very handy feature

And while I'm at the playlists, let's not forget a feature Rocket Music Player has that no other app I've seen has had: auto-playlists, or as this app calls it, Live Lists. Go into the playlists section, hit the menu button, and click "new Live List". Then you can add "rules" for the tracks that should go into your playlist, and for those rules you have a variety of possible criteria: Title, Date Added, Year, Play Count, and, oh, right, Rating. Yes, you read right. There are seriously too few music apps that support the standard 5-star rating system, but this one does. Back to the Live List feature, though: I won't go through how it works, because I could write an entire article on that alone.

The now playing screen is clean and useful with all the controls you would expect. You can also access a 5 band equalizer - or a 10-band equalizer with bass boosting if you have ads enabled, rate the track, set the track as a ringtone, set a sleep timer, or show the song's embedded lyrics - yes, you read correctly. This app supports embedded lyrics.

You can also use this app to edit tags and to edit album art, which is also very useful. The only thing you can't do here is have it search for album art - that's a paid feature even for ad-enabled users.

It now also supports Android Auto. While I don't have a car, nevermind a car that supports Android Auto, I've tested it with the Android Auto app, and it seems to work without a hitch (no pun intended).

There is also a decent amount of settings you can tinker around with, with some of them only available if you have ads enabled. Some of the features include stopping after every song, headset options, themes and other options related to the look and feel of the app. If you enable ads, you have options such as crossfading, replay gain (also known as volume levelling), gapless playback, and more.

The app generally doesn't run in the background when it isn't supposed to, and it's gotten decently lean again, taking up around 20 MB RAM while running in the background.

Overall, this is a solid, and useful app. The option to enable ads for extra features offers the best of both worlds - if you don't want ads, you can use the app without ads and still have a very good music player; if you don't mind some unintrusive ads, you get some extra goodies on top of it all. If you're looking for a music player with a good set of features and one that's easy to use - this is it, I've recommended it to everyone in the last few years, and I still do..

Rocket Music Player was reviewed by on based on version 5.2.34.