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A portable version of this product is available from the developer.

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Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ Android/ iPhone/ iPad/ Mac (Safari)

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12.8 MB


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The last free version of RoboForm (V5.7.6) that allowed 30 passwords is still available for download from http: //www AiRoboForm-5-7-6.exe (please rebuild the link by removing all spaces). Compatible with IE but not with the current version of Firefox. 30 day trial of full version then some features disabled. A Lite version (without an installer) for both Firefox and Chrome is available on the download page.

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Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager


Easy to use, seamlessly integrated into both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, constantly being enhanced by the developer.


Allows only 10 forms or passwords to be stored in the free version.

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Combines a web service with a stand-alone program

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