A fast disk usage analyzer scanning local and network drives or single directories


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License: Free
Website: Splashsoft
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Disk Space Analyzer

Pros & Cons:

Fast and can easily drill down.
Website is mostly in German.

Our Review:

RidNacs adds a utility command to the windows explorer context menu (Analyse disk space with RidNacs). And it can open as a program in its own right. Very fast scan. Reported 158 GB Free, and 122 GB Used.

It shows directories and their size. Nice bar chart display of same with the number of files in each directory. Can drill down by double clicking on the item of interest. Can open a selected directory in explorer.

You can save the results as a csv file and has an option to group files smaller than a selectable size (1 MB and above). Two rounding options for files size (explorer like or Banker's rounding. Languages are either English or German. The bar color is selectable from a small drop down list.

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